Telecaster® Range - HALLIONS


This model is for the player who wants a traditional vintage Tele® sound, but with a hotter than standard output.

The Bridge pickup is a pure hallion! The 42 AWG wire gives it a vintage voice, but the over-winding coupled with the Alnico V magnets give it a more powerful output and huskier tone than a standard Tele®. 

The neck pickup is also over-wound.  It's open-style cover prevents dulling of tone.  It sings with clarity and has a distinctive low-end. It is reverse-wound, reverse-polarity to the bridge pickup to provide hum cancelling when both are engaged.  





Bobbin material Vulcanised fibre Vulcanised fibre


AlNiCo V

AlNiCo V

Magnet sealant Acrylic Acrylic

Polarity facing out



Wire gauge



Wire coating
Plain Enamel
Plain Enamel

Wind direction



Hookup wire

Cloth push-back

Cloth push-back

Cover / Protection

Nickel-Silver open style

Black fabric tape


Beeswax : Paraffin

(20 : 80)

Beeswax : Paraffin

(20 : 80)

Approximate DCR

 7.7 kΩ

 6.7 kΩ



The pickups mount to any standard Telecaster® style guitar.  Screws and spacers are provided.

All Amdusias Devices pickups are hand-wound, resulting in greater clarity and frequency range compared to machine-wound pickups. This is due to greater tension control of wire fed through the fingers and reduced capacitance between the scattered winds…this is the beauty of human touch that can't be recreated by machines.


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