Telecaster® Range - HALLIONS


This model is for the player who wants a traditional vintage Tele® sound, but with a hotter than standard output.

The Bridge pickup is a pure hallion! The 42 AWG wire gives it a vintage voice, but the over-winding coupled with the Alnico V magnets give it a more powerful output and huskier tone than a standard Tele®. 

The neck pickup is also over-wound.  It's open-style cover prevents dulling of tone.  It sings with clarity and has a distinctive low-end. It is reverse-wound, reverse-polarity to the bridge pickup to provide hum cancelling when both are engaged.  






AlNiCo V

AlNiCo V

Magnet sealant Electrical Lacquer Electrical Lacquer

Polarity facing out



Wire gauge

43 AWG

42 AWG

Wire coating Poly Poly

Wind direction



Hookup wire

Cloth push-back

Cloth push-back

Cover / Protection

Nickel-Silver open style

Black fabric tape

Approximate DCR

 7.7 kΩ

 6.7 kΩ



The pickups mount to any standard Telecaster® style guitar.  Screws and spacers are provided.

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