P90 Range - Craic 90s


These are our take on late 50s P90 pickups.  They are medium output with a nice balance between full bodied sweet tones from the neck pickup and strong, bright attack from the bridge.  Classic P90 clean tones and mega wholesome grunt when overdriven.

We love the silver foil and gold foil style look...but if you want standard plastic cream or black covers, just select from the drop-down menu and shave £20 per pickup. Also - you can add a note to your order for other variants, like gold or raw nickel covers or pole screws exposed above the mesh. Check out our gallery to help with your decision.





Wire gauge



Wire Coating

Plain Enamel

Hook-up wire

Vintage Braided Single Core


AlNiCo V




Approximate DCR
7.6  8.3 



Screws and spacers are provided.


All Amdusias Devices pickups are hand-wound, resulting in greater clarity and frequency range compared to machine-wound pickups. This is due to greater tension control of wire fed through the fingers and reduced capacitance between the scattered winds…this is the beauty of human touch that can't be recreated by machines.


Note: The open style covers are sourced from a land far, far away. There is normally a 3 week lead time for us to build for you...but we will be in touch all the way.