Humbucker Range - CUSTOMS


We will build you pretty much anything you like if you are prepared to wait a little while for us to source any specific components we do not have in the workshop...normally within two weeks.

Based on discussion with you about the sound and look you're after, we will design the pickup using variations of the following:

Wire gauge; wire insulation; wind count of wire; winding pattern; magnet type; polepiece spacing; polepiece screw type and colour; base plate material; cover material, colour and style; keeper bar material; spacer material; mounting screw type; hook-up wire type; options coil splitting.

The photos shown here are examples of some recent custom humbuckers. They'll give you an idea of how a custom look can be developed. The black and gold one was built for a customer who plays a black SG with gold hardware. The wooden ones were built for a luthier who was building a guitar with a South African Teak wood body top. He sent us some of the Teak and we faced his pickups with it.

In terms of sound, have confidence that after a detailed discussion, we'll get very close to what you're hearing in your head. However, if the finished product is not what you were hoping for, you can return it and we'll build a MKII at no charge. Everyone plays through a different rig, and it's always possible that there could be some strange nuance occurring when your'e playing through all your own gear. For example, a recent customer with a very cool ideal of sludge rock sounds in mind, was extremely happy with what we came up with.....until he used a particular phase pedal that resulted in a bit too much going on in the high end sweeps.  We took it back, swapped the magnet from AlNiCo V to AlNiCo IV for a flatter frequency response, and now he's a very happy customer!


All Amdusias Devices pickups are hand-wound, resulting in greater clarity and frequency range compared to machine-wound pickups. This is due to greater tension control of wire fed through the fingers and reduced capacitance between the scattered winds…this is the beauty of human touch that can't be recreated by machines.


Note: The price we've listed here for custom pickups is all depends on what you're after.  Some people want a very specific look that may require some specially sourced parts, while others just want a good old chat about sculpting a specific sound. We only charge extra if the materials cost more than our standard ranges. 

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