Cigar Box Range - THE SMOKIN' HOT


Drop-in style 3-Pole single coil cigar box guitar pickup

Dirty, full-bodied growling tones when overdriven. Tight low end, punchy mids and singing highs and overtones. Roll back the gain for well balanced, clear and bright clean sounds.



Bobbin Material

3D-Printed SLS Nylon


AlNiCo V

Wire Gauge

42 AWG

DC Resistance

4.3 KΩ (approx.)


Dimension (mm)

Pole Spacing


Bobbin Top Side (l x w)

58 x 30

Bobbin Bottom Side (l x w)

28 x 26.5

Pickup Height




All Amdusias Devices pickups are hand-wound, resulting in greater clarity and frequency range compared to machine-wound pickups. This is due to greater tension control of wire fed through the fingers and reduced capacitance between the scattered winds…this is the beauty of human touch that can't be recreated by machines.