About Us


Two pickup builders living and working amongst the flourishing and progressive music industry of Belfast.



Hand-wound guitar pickups

You can choose from a range of models we've created, tried, tested and love. We’ve aimed to provide a wide range of choices that cater for many different styles of players. We’re continuously working on new designs and increasing the range of pickup styles we offer. If you don’t see what your looking for on our site, just contact us. We can often source what we need to build your desired pickups.

We love working with musicians and luthiers to develop custom pickups. Please contact us so we can work with you to achieve the tone you are searching for.

Our pickups are all hand-wound, resulting in greater clarity and frequency range compared to machine-wound pickups. This is due to the greater tension and layering control of wire fed through the fingers, and reduced capacitance between the scattered winds…this is the beauty of the human touch that can’t be recreated by machines that make the majority of pickups on the market.


Pickup repairs and rewinds

If you've got some beloved pups that have given up the ghost, we'll sort you out. If the pickup is beyond repair in its original state, we'll strip it down and re-build it for you. 

You might have a very peculiar pickup that's hard to find a replacement for due to it's size or geometry....but you're not totally happy with the tone you're getting. We can do a rewind for you with a plan for achieving the tone you're after.


Guitar servicing

Of course we'll install pickups for you. But if you want some pots changed out, caps replaced, grounding or shielding issues sorted or a guitar set-up, just contact us and we'll arrange a time to sort it. 


Amp and pedal repair

We are not wizards of amp and pedal circuitry, but often people need a hand when it comes to changing valves, biasing, cleaning, reflowing dead solder joints, swapping out bad components... Whatever the issue, feel free to contact and ask. We'll advise you where to go if it's out of our remit. 



We are passionate about playing and achieving the best possible tone from guitars. We started for the art and now we want to share what we can create. 

There are way too many great musicians out there playing guitars of all sorts that might look, feel and play great, but hold the player back from achieving the tones that they deserve. Our drive is to fight this crisis and offer you the sound of Belfast.



Belfast, Northern Ireland. The Amdusias Devices workshop is situated in an old Belfast mill, just down the road from Van Morrison's 'avenue of trees'...Cyprus Avenue. 



We have been refining our current models for several years...and now they are ready for you. 



Amdusias is a mythical beast first penned in the 16th century.  He was the demon of music. He had claws instead of nails and a unicorn head for a head. He bossed about with a trumpet in hand, commanding 29 legions of other demonic beasts. While they were up to their usual un-hallowed errands, he hung out and wrote tunes.  Mostly really dark sludge-cacophonic vibes. If you asked him, he’d have to sort a gig out for you. He’d call on the earth and trees for a back-line and blow the face of everything around. He was some bai…so we named ourselves after him and our logo is his seal.