This model caters for the player who wants a traditional vintage Tele® sound.  
The bridge pickup is wound with 42 AWG plain enamel wire and puts out an almighty vintage Tele® twang. The neck pickup, wound with 43 AWG wire, is bright and clear with a smooth mid range. The AlNiCo III magnets give a sweet tone with great sustain.




Approximate DCR*

 7.0 kΩ

 6.5 kΩ

These pickups mount to any standard Telecaster® style guitar.

Screws and spacers are provided.  Hookup wire is vintage push-back cloth style.

* Direct Current resistance (DCR) is the most commonly recognised way of identifying the relative strength of signal output from a guitar pickup.  Information about inductance and resonant frequencies can be more telling, but also more difficult to understand and interpret. Those of you who are interested in the physics can discuss such things with us.


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